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Meet Dr. Paris

Dr. Brian Paris knows the price of pain. It affects not only our physical health, but our emotional wellbeing and confidence as well. That’s why Dr. Paris has spent his entire career as a wellness expert, understanding how the interdependent parts of the body work as a whole, and helping his patients find solutions to chronic knee pain, backaches, headaches, arthritis and more—all without surgery or drugs.

A developer of the renowned Advanced Wellness Systems program, Dr. Paris has worked with thousands of patients with diverse medical histories to put them on a pain-free path that allows them to live an active, confident and healthier life. His dynamic approach to patient care is much like the body itself: interconnected. He looks at the whole person: posture, nutrition, sleep and exercise habits, and movement. After working with Dr. Paris, patients not only find their knee pain solved, but report weight loss, increased energy, and greater self-confidence.

Dr. Paris’ interest in body mechanics began when he was as an all-state lacrosse player in New Jersey. He began his college studies at Emory University in Atlanta, GA, finishing with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiological Sciences from the University of Maryland, College Park, with a focus in biomechanics. Dr. Paris continued his studies at Life University in Marietta, GA, earning his Doctorate of Chiropractic. While at Life University, Dr. Paris served as President of the Chiropractic BioPhysics® technique club, becoming a certified member early in school and teaching many of his colleagues. He is now a Chiropractic BioPhysics® instructor, advising health care practitioners on technique.

Dr. Paris has since developed several wellness programs and consults practitioners nationwide. He is a sought after presenter, known for his ability to simplify complex health and wellness concepts. Participants report his presentations are engaging and entertaining.

When not sharing health and wellness concepts, Dr. Paris enjoys mountain biking, skiing, surfing, ocean kayaking and just about any action sport that pumps adrenaline. If he’s not moving himself, Dr. Paris is an actively involved father of his two young children.


For nearly 20 years, Dr. Brian Paris has been committed to helping others live healthier and fuller lives.

He is a captivating and dynamic speaker who is lauded for his informative and interactive programs.

Dr. Paris’s programs are suitable for audiences of all ages and backgrounds.


  • Workplace Presentations
  • Media Interviews
  • Leadership & Management Consulting
  • Team Building
  • Corporate Wellness Programs
  • Motivational Speaking


  • Athletes
  • 50 +
  • Business & Corporate
  • Students
  • Consulting
  • Diverse Groups
  • Children & Teens
  • College Students


  • Conquering Chronic Pain
  • Active at Any Age
  • The Power of Posture
  • Achieving and Maintaining Balance
  • The Movement “Movement”
  • Losing Pounds, Gaining Confidence
  • Careers in Health & Wellness
  • Stay Fit While You Sit
  • Banish Back Pain
  • Knockout Knee Pain
  • Nix Neck Pain

In the Media

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What Others Are Saying

“Brian’s passion and knowledge on integrated spinal care and wellness is inspiring and motivating! His ability to look outside of the box and incorporate both traditional and cutting edge techniques into his patient care is without question the wave of the future. His ability to make you feel comfortable and confident with his approach will encourage you to enlist Brian in your pursuit to PAIN-FREE LIVING!”
Steve Jordan, BS, CSCS, PES, CPT,
“Dr. Brian Paris is the finest, most dedicated colleague I have in the state of Maryland. What makes him exceptional are the results he gets. Dr. Paris possesses a rare knowledge. He goes the extra mile to create a measurable biomechanics change that is long term. He is my Doctor and I am very fortunate to have him.”
Dr. Dan Kraus, Terrapin Chropractic
“Dr. B really sets the bar high. He takes the time to to know you as a persona and not just as a patient. I played lacrosse at the University of Maryland and now I am playing on the professional level. Dr. B helps keep me at that level. He has definitely had a positive impact on my life whether it be expanding my knowledge of wellness or motivating me to train harder. He is a great person as well as a true friend. I just wish more doctors took his approach.”
Ray Megill, Professional Lacrosse Player & Lacrosse Coach
“Dr. Paris is like a ‘breath of fresh air.’ His knowledge of fitness and health care are second to none. He has such a passion for both. During his presentations, he motivates us all. He is a welcomed speakers in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Maryland College Park. He motivates students and helps them in choosing career paths. He is one graduate who practices what he preaches and is a tremendous role model to our students.”
Dr. Elizabeth Y. Brown, University of Maryland College Park, Department of Kinesology
“As a dietitian, I work with clients on creating balance in their lives. But it is Dr. Paris who taught me how important it is to have balance in one’s body. After an initial consultation with Dr. Paris, I learned that accepting pain is unnecessary.”
Caitlyn Lorenze, RD, Registered Dietian, Wholesomebody
“As an orthopedic surgeon, I am thoroughly impressed with Dr. Paris’ expertise. Equally impressive is the quality of care for his patients and his ability to restore their well-being. I would not hesitate to refer my patients and family to Dr. Paris for his innovative treatments.”
Dr. Dan Redziniak, Orthopedic Surgeon


Phone: (240) 361-2225